Audio-Technica Introduces the ATH-GL3 and ATH-GDL3: Two High-Fidelity Gaming Headphones

Audio-Technica It is a company that is more than known for the quality of its headphones and in this case it presents us with two new models of headphones that are specifically designed for gamers, but that can obviously also be used outside these environments.

In this case it is the new ATH-GL3 and ATH-GDL3. The company presents its new high-fidelity gaming headphones, both in its version with an open closed design, the ATH-GL3, and an open one, the ATH-GDL3. Both models are compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, laptops, PCs and other devices with a standard 3,5mm TRRS headphone jack or with a separate microphone input and headphone output.

In this sense, the firm indicates that these are two quite similar models but with some clear differences in design and performance. The GL3 model is closed and offers excellent sound isolation, blocking out surrounding noise so you can hear and feel every moment in a truly immersive sound experience.

The design of the ATH-GDL-3 is open and in this case the listening experience is immersive, allowing sounds to be located within a wide sound field. Weighing only 220g, with these headphones you can play for hours with the lightness of the clouds. They are quite the same on the outside but each of them with their own peculiarities.

Comfort and audio quality is assured in both models, certainly we can not doubt it. Another issue is that of construction materials that are usually made of plastic, this is not bad at all, but we understand that at first glance it may seem like metal and it is not. As we say, this is not at odds with the quality of the headphones, the sound and their durability.

In all the models we have tested from ATH, we noticed a high quality of materials, really comfortable to use, they are resistant and with audio quality at the level of few similarly priced headphones. This in «gamer» field undoubtedly takes greater prominence.

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