Cosina set to announce new camera lens next month

It looks like Cosina may have one or more new Voigtländer lenses to announce at the CP+ imaging show in February. CP+ takes place in Japan and is the world’s largest camera and video equipment show, with other exhibitors this year including Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, OM System (Olympus) and Sony.

Cosina hasn’t announced what lenses it will be exhibiting but in its CP+ bio, it has stated that there will be new products on show. “Voigtländer and Zeiss ZM & DSLR lenses will be exhibited at the Cosina booth. We will touch and try products and exhibit new products that will be released in the future.”

The latest Voigtländer lenses announced were the 90mm f/2.8 SLII-S Apo-Skopar lens for Nikon F mount and the 90mm f/2.8 VM Apo-Skopar Lens for Sony E mount. While the 90mm Nikon lens is designed with a vintage aesthetic in mind, it delivers modern functionality, high-quality images and is available in either silver or black.

If you’re after a high-performance lens for your full-frame Sony camera, the Voigtländer 90mm promises sharp, color-rich imagery thanks to its newly designed optical system. It’s compact and extremely portable, weighing just 250g. The fully metal body is rigid and durable and like the Nikon lens, is available in black or silver. Both the Nikon and Sony 90mm lenses are now available to preorder from B&H in the US or Wex Photo Video in the UK.

Voigtländer was founded in 1756 in Vienna, Austria by Johann Christoph Voigtländer. Although today it only exists as a trademark, it’s no wonder the optical image quality of its lenses is so good; with over 250 years of experience in lens and camera manufacturing, it’s one of the oldest brands in the game.

Renowned for creating metal-bodied, SLR-style lenses for modern cameras, Voigtländer is one of the better third-party brands, delivering quality products but at an affordable price. Whatever lens is released at CP+ you can be sure it’ll have the same exceptional build quality and deliver high-quality images just like all its other lenses.

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