Cyrus Audio Opts To Go With BluOS For Its New Products

It may not strike most people as big news but the latest announcement that Cyrus Audio, the iconic British brand of audiophile electronics, is pairing up with Lenbrook International, the owner and developer of the market-leading BluOS high-resolution multi-room platform, to bring the BluOS streaming platform to upcoming Cyrus Audio products.

Last year, I reviewed the Cyrus One Cast Smart Amplifier, an all-in-one audio player and although it looked nice and had some impressive sound, it has no coherent streaming interface. Now the company has turned to one of the best streaming interfaces to make its products more streamer friendly.

Nicholas Clarke is the managing director of Cyrus Audio: “Music streaming remains complex with the wide variety and rapidly changing list of services and features that are demanded by the modern music consumer. We realized that being part of a well-established and class-leading ecosystem provided the best option for both our customers and dealers to minimize this complexity. As such, we always found ourselves coming back to BluOS

“Throughout our conversations, Lenbrook made clear their strong commitment to providing all customers a premium user experience, combined with access to the best of the hi-res music streaming services. That aligns so perfectly with the Cyrus brand values that it became a rather straightforward decision for us.”

BluOS is a brand-agnostic platform, meaning that any BluOS Enabled product connected to the same Wi-Fi network can share music libraries and playlists, regardless of the brand of speaker or audio component. Found in products that range from amplifiers to powered speakers and rack-mounted installed audio, BluOS Enabled products satisfy a wide range of use cases and applications, making it a versatile hi-res multi-room streaming platform.

Gordon Simmonds, CEO of Lenbrook International, added: “Our goal with BluOS continues to be being highly selective about the brands we add to the platform since it is so important that the shared ecosystem model be represented by totally like-minded and committed partners,” explains. “Cyrus Audio is one of those well-aligned brands that the Lenbrook team has long admired. We’re pleased they have come on board to share our BluOS high-res music vision again reaffirming the significant investment we continue to make into this platform.”


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