edelkrone PocketRIG v3 Announced – Modular Rig for Mirrorless Cameras

Edelkrone has announced the PocketRIG v3, a long-awaited update to their popular all-in-one camera accessory, taking their unique designs a step further.

Originally released in 2014, the first version of the Edelkrone Pocket Rig was a smashing success. Its small footprint, collapsible design, and affordable price made it a no-brainer for the cameraperson on the go.

The Edelkrone PocketRIG v3 refines that original design, adds new features, and even comes in at a lower price.

PocketRIG v3 Modular Design

Small and convenient, the PocketRIG v3 is very portable, customizable, and modular. Users can add or remove a half cage, support arm, handles, or rods based on their requirements. More importantly, it all folds up into an accessories that is roughly the size of a battery grip.

The half cage is brand new to the PocketRIG v3, and it features a new set of movable mounting points to attach accessories. Users can attach lights, microphones, monitors, and more anywhere on the cage.

Like previous generations, a fully adjustable, foldable, and detachable arm can be used as a shoulder, chest, or belt support. This component was designed for speed, stability, and comfort, whether you’re on set or filming on the go.

PocketRIG v3 comes with two foldable, extendable 15 mm rods that you can use to mount a follow focus, matte box, or handles.

Handle Pack for PocketRIG v3

An optional handle pack for the PocketRIG v3 includes dual front handles, a top handle, and a side handle with a cold shoe port. These grips provide users with a more ergonomic experience while shooting.

For instance you can attach the top handle to the side of the half cage, providing another point of contact for stability.

Edelkrone PhoneGRIP

Another companion product for the new PocketRIG is a dedicated cellphone grip attachment.

Modeled after the Edelkrone FlexTILT Head, PhoneGRIP’s flexible stand makes PhoneGRIP a great stand-alone solution to hold various size smartphones and more. It is perfect for mounting other smaller devices you need to have close by like an SSD, or powerbank.

Price And Availability
The Edelkrone PocketRIG v3 is currently available to order for $168.75 at B&H and on Edelkrone’s site. You can pick up the Handle Pack for $89.25, and the PhoneGRIP for an additional $51.75 separately.

A grand total of $309.75 is a fantastic price for a complete setup that can follow you anywhere, and barely takes up any space in your bag.

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