Industry Leader Universal Audio Inc. Announces Flagship UA Bock Recording Mics

Introducing Universal Audio Microphones — Flagship UA Bock, Sphere Modeling, and Standard Series Mics for Creators
Befitting a company with roots in both analog and digital audio recording, UA microphones include world-class UA Bock tube microphones handmade in Santa Cruz, California; the award-winning Sphere L22 Modeling Microphone with its ability to accurately emulate 34 classic studio mics; and new Standard Series microphones designed for home recordists, serious podcasters and content creators.

“We’re excited to bring UA’s audio expertise to microphones, and to bring something new to the table,” said Bill Putnam, CEO/Founder of Universal Audio. “With Bock, Sphere, and the new Standard Series mics, there’s a UA mic within reach of every serious creator — ready to inspire great recordings, performances, and content for a lifetime.”

Handmade in Santa Cruz, the new flagship UA Bock mics represent a trio of premium tube and FET-based models designed by vintage mic authority David Bock, who joined the UA team with the purchase of his Bock Audio brand in 2020.

“The UA Bock mics are the best-sounding and most beautiful mics I’ve had the pleasure of designing over my long career,” confirmed Bock. “These mics are going to have discriminating singers, producers, and audio engineers smiling from ear-to-ear.”

The accessible Standard Series mics feature two proven designs destined to become workhorses in serious production spaces: the SD-1 Dynamic mic for vocal and broadcast / podcast applications, and the SP-1 Pencil Condenser mics for easy stereo recording of instruments and live performances.

On the digital side, with the technology acquisition of Townsend Labs Inc. in 2021, UA is excited to welcome proprietary Sphere Modeling Microphone technology and modeling guru Chris Townsend to the UA team — aligning with UA’s market-leading UAD audio plug-in platform.

All UA Microphones include presets designed to deliver album and broadcast-ready sound with the company’s award-winning Apollo audio interface range.

Select UA microphones are now shipping to UA dealers worldwide.

UA Microphone Lineup 2022

UA microphones aim to bring world-class sound and timeless UA design to content creators, home recordists, and audio professionals alike.

Features and Availability

Standard Series – Accessible mics for home recording, podcasting and content creation

Standard SD-1 Dynamic Mic – Now Shipping – $299USD MAP
Standard SP-1 Pencil Mic (Pair) – Summer 2022 – $399USD MAP
Sphere L22 Modeling Microphone – Award-winning system with 34 classic mic models, tailored to professional vocal and studio recording

Sphere L22 Modeling Microphone – Now Shipping – $1,499USD MAP

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