Meta Quest 2 VR Headsets Receiving Drastic Price Increase

While Meta has had a huge advantage in the virtual reality space for quite some time thanks to the low cost of entry with its Meta Quest 2 headsets, this won’t prove to be true for much longer. Starting at the beginning of next month, Meta has revealed that it will be increasing the cost of both Quest 2 devices. And while it might be assumed that this price increase wouldn’t be too large, the value is actually going up by a drastic margin.

Meta revealed that it’s planning a $100 increase across the board for its Meta Quest 2 headsets. For the baseline model of the Quest 2, this means that the hardware’s cost has gone up by a sizable 33%. Even though this might seem like a baffling jump, Meta claims that the price increase will help the company further double down on VR.


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