Monster Back As Massive Product Range Revealed For 2022

Months after Tempo scored the rights to the popular Monster brands retailers in Australia are starting to get stock of the brand that created the Dr Dre Beats headphones and was renoun for their high quality cables.

Recently Tempo released a new range of Monster AV cable, adaptors & mounts with both The Good Guys and JB Hi Fi now ranging the new products.

In March retailers will see 4 new Monster sound bars including 2.0, 2.1. 2.1.2 Dolby Atmos & 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos models, hit stores.

According to Gary Brown General Manager of products at Tempo the response to the Monster brand has been “exceptional”.

He told ChannelNews at CES 2022 that in coming months retailers will have access to a large range of Monster products that include, amplified BT Bookshelf speakers which will be available in JB Hi Fi stores.

Also coming are Turntable & Turntable speaker system with carbon tonearms and aluminium decks.

The brand is also looking to take on JBL with new Monster Blaster 3.0 & Adventurer Max Bluetooth Boom boxes which are already in Country “and selling well” according to Brown.

He said that there will be “A lot of new Monster product launching Q1 2022”.

The US brand that became famous for their Monster cables especially their premium HDMI and audio cables is set to launch new mobility cable, chargers, MagSafe, power banks, in car chargers as well as Gan chargers.


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