Paper Shoot makes eco-friendly cameras with retro flair

The resurgence in popularity for instant cameras shows just how much people love playing with retro style. The latest cool throwback camera comes with a thoughtful, eco-friendly twist. Paper Shoot is an innovative digital camera that lets you capture film-like photos.

What is Paper Shoot?
Paper Shoot is a compact camera with a handful of pieces that are easy enough to put together yourself. Insert the circuit board into a creative case of your choosing, put in an SD card and two AAA batteries, then secure it together with a few screws that can be twisted together by hand — no special tools required.

How is Paper Shoot eco-friendly?
The slim and simplistic design is not only easy to assemble, but good for the environment. To keep Paper Shoot’s environmental impact low, the brand prioritizes compact design and uses eco-friendly materials such as stone paper for the case. Additionally, one of the company’s main goals is to “create sustainable, long lasting alternatives to film and disposable cameras.” With Paper Shoot, you get the aesthetics of a retro camera without having to use and throw away a plastic disposable camera.

“We’re all about doing our best,” Paper Shoot said. “We’re doing our best to produce responsibly by sourcing sustainable and recycled materials where we can, and combating unethical labor by providing all of our workers with living wages and healthy, safe and happy working conditions. We’re also doing our best to live in the moment and get back to the simplicity of photography and life before phones and social media.”

These values are part of Paper Shoot’s appeal. In an age where nearly everyone has a phone capable of taking high-definition photos and seeing instant results, Paper Shoot offers a chance to capture a moment without getting sucked into your phone. Think slow fashion but for cameras. Paper Shoot’s thoughtful design encourages users to unplug and connect to the world around them.

What are the options?
In a Paper Shoot camera bundle, you’ll get the exterior case in a design of your choosing, a circuit board, camera strap and everything else required to assemble the camera. Optional accessories such as an Italian vegetable tanned leather shoulder bag to hold your camera and radial and micro effect lenses are also available. If you want to swap out case designs, you can buy additional cases in styles ranging from an eight-track tape to a cork texture.


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