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KNA Pickups Violin/Viola Pickup (VV-3V)

KNA Pickups Violin/Viola Pickup (VV-3V)


  • Delivers the natural sound of your violin or viola
  • Convenient volume output control knob featured on output jack housing
  • Wooden sensor casing is lightweight, unobtrusive and installs in the eye of the bridge with minimal modification
  • Detachable, or may remain installed when not in used
  • Accepts 1/4″ cable jack


VV-3V is the perfect solution for violin and viola players who seek to capture the natural tone of their instrument.An onboard volume control makes it easy for performers to control the pickup output while onstage. The wood-encased piezo sensor installs safely and securely into the eye of the instrument bridge with minimal, if any, modification to the instrument. Cork-lined, fully adjustable barrel clamps keep the unit safe and stable while attached to the instrument. VV-3V employs a passive system, designed to work flawlessly with your favorite acoustic amplifier or preferred preamp.


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