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sE Electronics – X1 Series Ribbon Microphone and Clip

sE Electronics – X1 Series Ribbon Microphone and Clip


Brand :  SE Electronics
Color :  X1 R
Connector Type :  XLR Connector
Connectivity Technology :  XLR
Polar Pattern :  Bidirectional
Product Dimensions :  11 x 5 x 4 inches; 1.65 Pounds

About this item

  • Frequency Range- 20hz to 16khz
  • Self Noise-23db
  • 2.5 um aluminum ribbon
  • Sensitivity- 1.78mV/Pa
  • Impedance-200 ohms


Drawing on some of the technologies in sE’s VR1 & VR2 ribbon mics, the X1 R is a vintage-modern hybrid that provides all the inherent smoothness of a hand-crafted ribbon mic, but with more versatility, durability, and ease of use than the delicate ribbons of yesteryear.

The second addition to the X1 Series, the X1 R brings the magic of traditional ribbon mics into the modern age with a tough construction that can handle any SPL – this is a ribbon you can take on the road. The sE Electronics X1 R is suited to a variety of recording applications including guitar cabs, overhead drums, brass, woodwind, strings, commercial broadcast and voice-over.

Why a handcrafted ribbon?

X1 R being handcrafted in the capsule room

…because they sound better that way.

As with all of sE’s ribbons and true condensers, the X1 R’s ribbon is handcrafted and hand-tuned by skilled technicians in our own factory. This is almost unheard-of for affordable microphones, and is a great point of pride for sE.

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