pTron Tango TWS earbuds Review

The global TWS market has seen a hike of 33 percent YoY in 2021 and is forecast to hit a new record by 2022. Numerous companies are already indulged in manufacturing TWS audio devices across the globe. Smartphone manufacturing companies are also involved in the TWS market, but there are some of the Indian brands which are really excelling in the same sector. pTron is among the ones who have seen some huge numbers in the budget TWS earbuds market. The India-based company has a wide range of offerings and recently the company has added one more product to the lineup. The newly launched pTron Bassbuds Tango ENC with a price tag of Rs 1,299. The earbuds are currently available on the Amazon India website. pTron has recently shared the device with us for a review which would unveil how does the newly launched pTron Bassbuds Tango stacks up against the sea of other TWS on the market. Let’s have a deep dive to know more.

pTron Tango TWS Design

The pTron Tango comes with a rectangular-shaped TWS case with curved edges, the portable charging case is compact enough to fit in your pants pocket or leather pouch. While opening the case you will have a pair of TWS earbuds, which are ready to pair once you pull them out of the case. The charging case has a pair of magnets that keeps the earbuds in place.

Talking about the design of earbuds, the pTron Tango offers a compact and lightweight design which makes it comfortable to wear. The pTron Tango was launched in Black and White colour option and we have received the Black one. The overall design of the newly launched earbuds looks good and decent. Don’t keep your hope too high for a budget segment earbuds, but we can say that the company is offering a good design at this price point.

pTron Tango TWS Specifications

The pTron Tango TWS comes with 13mm dynamic audio drivers with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and Stereo Audio with Deep Bass. It comes with dual mic support along with a touch control feature to control your playlist, receive calls, and trigger virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

The charging case sports a Type-C fast charging that ensures quick charge, it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the case from zero. The IPX4 rating makes it Water and Sweat-Resistant.

pTron Tango TWS performance

The pTron Tango is with us for approx more than 3 weeks and we have tried testing the device in all possible aspects. When it comes to performance no one will accept that the device looks good but the audio output lack quality. So first thing first, let’s talk about the quality. The very first thing about the TWS that I have noticed is its loudness, the audio device is loud enough to fulfill your metal music need the drivers are powerful and impressive. Here Loudness is used as a positive aspect and it doesn’t mean that the loud drivers are not capable of offering good quality audio. The TWS offers crystal clear audio, I’m saying this because I felt that and there is no tool to measure the crystal clearness. I like the equality as I haven’t noticed any distortion in the sound quality during my usage.

While coming to the battery, we can say that the earbuds are capable of delivering a battery life of 6 hours in a single full charge, and with the case, it can go up to 20 hours. The audio device also comes with an amazing ENC feature, ensuring that your music listening and video consumption sessions are not disrupted by external noise. The pTron Tango also comes with a dedicated movie mode which is included to enhance your movie-watching experience.

Thanks to IPX4 certification I have used the pTron Tango during my gyming sessions without worrying about the water damage. Having said that the experience of pTron Tango was impressive and considering the price point I was not expecting this performance from the TWS at all.

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