Recording Studio At East Brunswick Library Gets An Upgrade

If you’re looking for a place to record your next single or the upcoming episode of your new podcast, then head to the East Brunswick Public Library.

The library has made several improvements to the recording studio to help with audio projects.

“We’ve made several upgrades to our equipment and the room itself,” Melissa Hozik, Adult Programming Librarian said in a statement.

“Our recording studio has been used to not only produce the library’s podcast, but for the community to record original music, audiobooks and even voiceovers for video projects. These improvements will really enhance productions made at the library.”

The new equipment in the studio includes new microphones, inputs for instruments, recording software and soundproofing materials. For a list of equipment available at the recording studio, click here.

Funding for the new equipment was provided by the East Brunswick Friends of the Library.

To use the recording studio reservations are required. Anyone from the community can schedule a two-hour appointment by e-mail.

And if you’re interested in music and audio, the library will be hosting classes specific to music production and voiceovers this fall.

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