Technics AZ60 true wireless earphones review

Technics is a brand well known to audio lovers and the company has poured years of research and innovation and shoehorned it into the Technics AZ60 wire-free earphones.

More than 50 years of audio engineering experience has gone into this new model to offer the sort of audio quality customers have come to expect from Technics.

The company has come up with a unique design for the acoustic chamber and harmoniser with enough room for 8mm drivers to deliver a rich and wide sound that still offers plenty of detail at the same time.

The onboard acoustic control chamber takes control of airflow to facilitate respectable bass levels and enhanced mid-ranges.

The adapted harmonizer comes into play to offer smooth treble to create a natural sound.

Meanwhile the 8mm dynamic driver contains a bio cellulose diaphragm that is strong yet flexible to enhance the authentic sound.

The Technics AZ60 earphones support high resolution audio quality with Bluetooth and LDAC technology so you can enjoy fast response and high-definition audio

The earphones offer impressive active noise cancelling (ANC) technology which is achieved through the eight on board microphones – four in each earbud which can recognise surrounding noises both inside and outside the earphones and block them out.

There’s also a Natural Ambient mode which allows you to hear your surroundings while listening to your music.

Attention Mode focuses on the human voice frequency range so you can hear people speaking nearby including airport announcements or people around you.

On the design side, the Technics AZ60 earphones are slightly larger than its competitors but they still offer a comfortable and secure fit so they’re not going anywhere even while you’re working out, running and walking.

The earphones also have an IPX4 water resistance rating so there’s no concern about sweating it out while wearing them or if you happen to be caught in the rain.

They have a new drop shape which is designed to offer an optimal fit in your ear canal while the outside locks into place and prevents it from falling out.

Our only complaint with the silver earphones we received for our review was they had a “plasticky” feel to the silver caps on the outside of the earphones.

In fact, we dropped one earbud as we were taking it out of the case and there is now an obvious scratch.

The case also has a plasticky feel that belies the fact that these earphones offer high quality audio. If looks are as important as sound, then it’s something to consider.

While the earphones sound great, the company has considered our new work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

As a result, the AZ 60 earphones also include just my voice technology which can actively detect and capture your voice while at the same time analysing and suppressing ambient sound to ensure your communication is crystal clear.

This feature worked remarkably well during our testing, and we were able to talk clearly on the phone and be clearly heard even while we were out walking.

For the calls we made for our review, the person at the other end didn’t realise we were talking through earphones.

If you are working from home and jumping onto a video call the Technics AZ60 can be both your earphones and your microphone.

The earphones offer up to 7 hours of playback from a single charge, and that’s even with Active Noise Cancellation turned on.

The compact charging case can bring that total listening time to up to 24 hours while a 15-minute quick charge in the case is long enough for 70 minutes of playback with ANC on.

The Technics AZ60 earphones are available now and are priced at $379.


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