These brilliant 5-star wireless earbuds are down to under £80 on Amazon

The days of paying top dollar for wireless earbuds are long gone. The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus earned five stars in our review, and cost just £120. But with this discount, they can be had for less than £80.

The 1 Plus are the sequels to the original Melomania 1. There’s no noise-cancelling, but the upside of that is a truly epic battery life of 45 hours (nine from the buds plus another 36 from the charging case). That’s the longest of any wireless earbuds we’ve tested.

It’s also the same as their predecessors, though there are improvements in other areas. They boast app support, for one, with the updated Melomania app considerably slicker and more stable than before. That lets you customise the EQ settings, so you can tweak the sound output to your preference.

There’s also Cambridge’s innovative High-Performance Audio Mode. This might drain the battery more quickly, but it also gives recordings an extra sonic polish, offering a small but definite improvement on their older siblings for layering and detail.

Lastly, there’s a new colourway, too – gone is the ‘stone’ grey hue we lovingly dubbed ‘NHS Grey’, in favour of black and white finishes. This deal applies to both, so take your pick.

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