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Ashdown AGM284C Magnifier 15 Watt 12″ Combo Amplifier

Ashdown AGM284C Magnifier 15 Watt 12″ Combo Amplifier


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  • Premium plywood lightweight cabinet
  • Premium Celestion 12″ Creamback G12-M 65 speaker
  • 8 and 16 ohm speaker output for use with extension speaker cabinets
  • 3 x JJ Electronics ECC83s preamp tubes
  • Bass, middle, treble and presence EQ controls
  • With easy to dial in tones via simple controls and an intuitive 4 band EQ the AGM-284 does it all from classic shimmering reverb laden clean tones through biting classic rock crunch to full on hard rock tones full of rich harmonic overtones making this amp perfect for a wide range of players whatever the genre. The perfect choice as grab and go combo for rehearsals and small to medium gigs. The 15 watt 2 x EL84 power section means it is easy to get the output valves cooking when playing at lower volumes at home and in the studio yet there is still enough power for small/medium gigs and rehearsals when required delivered via a 12″ Celestion G12-M Creamback speaker. Footswtichable Accutronics reverb plus variable boost increase the versatility further and a series valve driven FX loop allows players the best results from their modulation type FX.



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