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MuzicLight Light Up Guitar Wall Mount Green

MuzicLight Light Up Guitar Wall Mount Green


  • This guitar hanger with light has a headstock cradle made of solid steel and a foam coating that will protect and comfort the guitar. The body is made of durable plastic and entire unit engineered to safely hold 35 pounds.
  • LEDs are controlled by an on/off switch. This maximizes battery life so a set of AA batteries will light up guitar on wall for over 200 hours. That is a guitar display for over a year under normal usage
  • LED guitar mount is installed with a back plate and no exposed hardware on the body of the led guitar hanger after it’s installed. This gives the guitar wall hanger light a sleek clean look.
  • The light up guitar wall mount uses dedicated colors, which means they do not change colors. The wall mount is designed this way to extend battery life. You will never turn on your Muziclight and have it not come on.
  • The guitar hanger with light has an angled cradle to secure the guitar. When removing the guitar it must be lifted about 2 inches. Since guitars never fall up they are very secure in the foamy pivoting cradle.
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Guitars are works of art, so why not display them as such on occasion, or even all the time? This quality MuzicLight wall hanger for guitar fits common electric and acoustic necks, and is equipped with soft, non-marring foam around the yoke to protect your headstock. The MuzicLight wall hanger is affixed to a handsome plastic housing that mounts to your wall. The mounting kit is included. Once you switch on the MuzicLight it will display a beautiful ambient green color onto your instrument. Our Green MuzicLight brings the pro feel of the “Green Room” to your “regular room”. No one likes getting to the green room before a show only to find some generic water bottles and a ream of chocolate chip cookies. Nothing against chocolate chip cookies, but seriously, where the heck are the craft beers and New York Strips? I swear that was on the Rider. The Green MuzicLight has the look of someone who takes music seriously, even if your tour promoter doesn’t.




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