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SE X1-S-STUDIO-BUNDLE Vocal Recording Pack

SE X1-S-STUDIO-BUNDLE Vocal Recording Pack

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If you’re recording in a non-acoustically-treated space (bedrooms, closets, etc.), a Reflexion Filter helps keep your signal clean without the sound of your room around it. The X1 S Studio Bundle has everything from the Vocal Pack, plus our simple and effective RF-X so you can record anywhere you want.

  • Polar Pattern for X1S – Cardiod
  • Frequency Range for X1S – 20Hz to 20kHz
  • X1S Phantom Power- 48v
  • X1S Impedance – 125 Ohms
  • X1S Signal to Noise Ratio – 85db


SE Electronics

2 reviews

  1. Kevin

    High Quality Filter

  2. Json

    Reasonable Price

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