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Brandmotion FullVUE Mirror and Camera System for Chevrolet/GMC/Heavy Duty Trucks FVMR-1191 Always Recording Dash / 3rd Brake Light Cargo Bed Camera w/Touch Mirror w/Night Vision and G-Shock Sensor

Brandmotion FullVUE Mirror and Camera System for Chevrolet/GMC/Heavy Duty Trucks FVMR-1191 Always Recording Dash / 3rd Brake Light Cargo Bed Camera w/Touch Mirror w/Night Vision and G-Shock Sensor


About Item:

Brand Brandmotion
Screen Size 9.66 Inches
Product Dimensions 11.5″L x 5.5″W x 4″H
Lux rating 0.1 Lux
Compatible Devices Monitor
Display Technology LCD
Installation Type Dashboard Mount
Voltage 150 Volts
Optical Sensor Technology CCD
Real Angle of View 170 Degrees
  • UNOBSTRUCTED VIEW: FullVUE Mirror and Camera System upgrades the safety and security of your truck. An always recording DVR sends clear unobstructed views from the front and rear cameras to the touchscreen mirror while driving, towing or hauling cargo.
  • INCREASE VISIBILITY: Cargo blocking the rear window? Touch to switch to the 3rd brake light rear camera views, then simply adjust the camera image in the mirror by moving it up, down, left, and right, for a sweeping view of your trailer, boat or cargo.
  • EASY INSTALL: The digital rearview mirror with dash cam and truck specific bezel camera seamlessly integrates with your truck for a 170˚ H and 150˚ V view. Installs without drilling or removing the dash in 30 minutes (pro) or about an hour for a DIY.
  • SAFETY: Our 9.66″ LCD HD touchscreen display is always-on and the 0.1 lux rating provides perfect lighting for the DVR to record the dash and rear cameras for future viewing. A G-sensor detects impact and locks the video to the included SD card.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Brandmotion makes premium automotive retrofit products in Detroit, using the latest technology to provide high performing solutions that blend seamlessly with the vehicle regardless of age. We offer US based support and a 2 year warranty.


Product Description:

Revolutionize Your Drive with Brandmotion’s Digital Rearview System

Brandmotion FullVUE Mirror System installed on Chevrolet Truck, enhancing driving safety

Embark on safer journeys with Brandmotion’s FullVUE System. It combines innovative features for ultimate truck safety, offering unmatched visibility and reliability. Enjoy peace of mind with HD DVR, a 170° view, a 9.66” touchscreen, and G-Shock sensor, redefining your driving experience.

Easy installation of Brandmotion FullVUE System on GMC Truck, no drilling required

Transform your drive with Brandmotion FullVUE System’s ultimate clarity and safety. Redefine your road vision—our system turns every trip into a panoramic experience, ensuring unparalleled visibility day and night. Perfect for Chevrolet/GMC/Heavy Duty Trucks, it’s the pinnacle of driving innovation.

Night vision feature of Brandmotion FullVUE Mirror System capturing clear road conditions

Safety in Sight

Comparative view without and with Brandmotion FullVUE System, showcasing visibility improvement

Enhance your driving with Brandmotion FullVUE’s unmatched day and night vision. Always-on recording paired with superior night vision ensures every detail is captured, offering unparalleled clarity and safety, 24/7. Perfect for any adventure in your Chevrolet/GMC/Heavy Duty Truck

Brandmotion's FullVUE providing full visibility for towing and hauling with RAM 1500

Integrated dash cam for constant recording, G-Shock sensor locks footage on impact. Touchscreen monitor for cargo, boats, or ATVs. Wide 170° view, easy install, night driving enhancement. Ultimate road clarity and security.

Detailed view of Brandmotion FullVUE Mirror’s 170 degree horizontal visibility

Technical Details:




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