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Offworld Percussion Sytem Blue®/Scott Johnson (SCOJO™) Signature V3 w/neoprene bottom

Offworld Percussion Sytem Blue®/Scott Johnson (SCOJO™) Signature V3 w/neoprene bottom


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OffWorld Percussion Scott Johnson Signature Invader V3 Practice Pad – Product Information

The Offworld SCOJO V3 practice pad was designed in cooperation with legendary marching percussion guru Scott Johnson. Featuring an oval of pure silver/black carbon fiber and a sleek new racing stripe the SCOJO pad designed for extreme volume and articulation. Like all V3 pads the SCOJO sports Offworld’s patented stick saving rim, a darkmatter playing surface, and a non-slip neoprene base.

OffWorld Invader V3 Features:

Equipped with a fully functional, stick-saving, 360 degree rim element, The OffWorld Invader V3 pratice pad is capable of producing the most authentic rim-shot effect for any rubber-surfaced rudimental practice pad on the planet. Shots, pings, cross shots, effects, mock hi-hat performance options are all easily viable with this component.

Featuring a newly formulated V3, space-age, synthetic playing surface. For an authentic true-to-the-drum experience, this surface achieves the closest to Kevlar / Aramid-Mylar drum head feel and articulation of any rudimental drum pad currently available.

Encased in a specially formulated high-impact, the OffWorld Invader V3 Practice Pad features industrial strength, abrasion and weather resistant, smoldering black nylon composite matrix, designed for a lifetime of drumming.

Complimented by a amazingly non-slip base which actually doubles as a high definition, rimless playing surface.

Fits perfectly onto any 14″ snare or snare stand hardware. The Offworld Invader V3 practice pad is the absolute toughest, largest, most heavyweight pro-rudimental practice pad in our arsenal. Totally portable.


Offworld Percussion

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