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Offworld Percussion Invader™ V3 Black w/Black VML

Offworld Percussion Invader™ V3 Black w/Black VML


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The OffWorld Invader V3 Series Pads feature an advanced polymer custom material, DarkMatter, that comes as close to replicating the feel of playing on a Kevlar style marching head as any that have come before


The bottom surface of the Invader also sports DarkMatter which provides a non-slip reaction when placed on various surfaces. This surface is so non-slip in fact that it may be used at extreme angles. Additionally, the bottom surface can also be used as a more common drum pad. When the executing of rim shots on the top produces a level of volume that may be too loud, you can just flip it over.


Another key feature is the patented Rim available in Black and Maroon Red.  Nearly unbreakable, and designed to inflict far less damage to sticks than metal rims, the Invader V3 rims produces great rim shots


At 13.75″, the V3 fits comfortably inside the rim of a 14″ drum while offering as close to actual snare surface area as possible.  And at 5 pounds, there is enough weight and heft to provide a solid, stable foundation beneath your sticks, but not too heavy to carry with you.


The Invader V3 is also available with a Black, Gunmetal, or Blue Chameleon Vinyl/Mylar Laminate surface. (VML) The Vinyl/Mylar Laminate covers the full span of a 12″ diameter playing surface, maximizing volume and articulation across the entire pad.


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