Plug adaptors for travel

Whether you’re planning on jetting off for a family holiday, solo travel adventure or business trip abroad, having the right travel gadgets is an absolute must, and they don’t come more essential than a reliable plug adaptor to keep your electronic goods at maximum battery.

Despite being a crucial part of every holiday, these gadgets can sometimes be the most problematic part of packing. If we aren’t rummaging in a box of unlabeled and temperamental plugs, we’re frantically attempting to figure out what adaptor works in what country – no easy feat considering there are 15 different types of plugs in the world.

Thankfully, this stress will now be a thing of the past as we’ve completed a deep dive into the world of travel adaptors to bring you the crème de la crème.

Forget the basic stuff, many plugs now work in more than one region thanks to the changeable output pin. Even more impressively, you can charge multiple devices at once using a single adapter – no more picking between charging your phone, laptop, tablet or camera (it’s like asking us to pick our favourite child).

If you’re not sure what adaptor you need for your next holiday, we’ve created a handy guide below.

USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan: type A – two flat parallel pins, or type B – two flat parallel pins and a round earth pin

Europe: type C – two rounded pins

India: type D – three large round pins in a triangular configuration

Australia: type I: three flat pins in a triangular pattern

Top tip: always buy them in advance. Not only will you be able to save a fair bit of cash (airport adaptors are always astronomically priced), but you’ll also be able to purchase something far more advanced than a standard single adaptor.

Bid farewell to low battery when you’re away, and say hello to your new travel best friend.

Shop our top recommended travel plug adaptors below.

iBlockCube Worldwide Travel Adapter

If you’re anything like us, at least once during every holiday packing process you wish that every country used the same sockets to make life easier. Even if that’s not possible, the iBlockCube travel adaptor takes away the need to buy several adaptors for different countries and devices as it works in over 150 countries including the US, EU, UK, Australia and much of Asia.

The travel adaptor has four plugs which can be accessed by the multiple sliders and lock buttons on the side. It also has three fast-charging USB-A ports and two Type C ports meaning you don’t have to pack hundreds of plugs and adaptors for your next trip as you can charge up to six devices simultaneously and quickly.

Buy now £27.99, Amazon

Universal USB Plug Charger 2-Port USB for worldwide travel

One of Amazon’s top rated adaptor plugs, it covers over 150 countries and works in the US, UK, EU, Australia and most of Asia thanks to the four slide-out charging pins. There are also two handy USB ports that can charge up electronic devices impressively quickly – power is automatically split when charging more than one device, but this can be adjusted accordingly.

As well as charing the usual low power devices, the main socket allows for non USB items such as shavers and hairdryers to be powered. A sturdy travel companion, it’s lightweight, easy to pack and importantly, allows for three devices to be charged at the same time.

Buy now £19.90, Amazon

Go Travel Worldwide USB Charger

Forget bringing multiple plugs on holiday in order to charge all your electronic gadgets, as Go Travel have created a four USB port adaptor that has an integrated USA plug as well as an interchangeable UK, EU and Australasian one. As most items are charged via USB, this adaptor is pretty universal, meaning you can ditch the weighty plugs for each device, and just take the charging cable.

What’s more, the two 2.4V USB slots provide fast charging for your phone and can cope with charging a tablet or laptop alongside. Considering the number of countries this adaptor can be used in, it’s relatively compact and easy to slip into your hand luggage.

Buy now £17.49, John Lewis

Jsdoin EU Travel Adapter, UK to European Plug Pack of 6

For under £10, you can get your hands on not one, not two, but six UK to EU travel adaptors. This set is perfect if you’re travelling with a family or large group and works for all low to medium power appliances such as mobile phones, cameras, laptops and power banks.

Unlike larger adaptors that have more features, these are small and very easy to pack. It’s nothing fancy, but if you’re after something that does the job and doesn’t break the bank, then this is your best buy.

Buy now £9.99, Amazon

UK to US Plug Adaptor with 2 USB

If you’re travelling to the US, then we recommend purchasing a travel adaptor now – there’s little worse than being with airport priced adaptors. The TESSAN adaptor is one of our top rated as it features one standard UK outlet as well as two 2.4A output USB charging ports. The USB ports recognise the device plugged in and automatically distributes optimal charge. Even with three items charging, the adaptor is surprsingly quick.

The LED indicator is handy to show when charging is complete. As well as working in the US, it’s also compatible in Canada, Mexico and some of South America. At just 82g, this is one of the most lightweight adaptors on the market.

Buy now £16.99, Amazon

SKROSS PRO World world travel adapter for all 2/3-pin devices and USB\

The reputable travel adapter brand, SKROSS has launched an updated pro model that works almost anywhere in the world thanks to the two and three pin design. Unlike some cheaper models, it’s impressively sturdy and solid – a few jostles in your luggage won’t affect its performance.

Our fav feature? Disconnect the top of the plug for a standalone European adaptor that’s lightweight, thin and also includes a USB port – ideal for those travelling light or on holiday for only a few days.

Buy now £35.91, Amazon

Wilko Visitor to UK Travel Adaptor

For those travelling to the UK, or after a plug adaptor for shavers and toothbrushes, this is one of the most affordable gadgets we’ve come across. At just £3.80, this adaptor converts European, American, Australian and Asian plugs to work in UK sockets. If you’re after multiple adaptors that work in various countries, Wilko has an impressive three for £9 deal across its range.

Buy now £3.80, Wilko